Pakistan Facts – Why People Love Pakistan? Useful Information You Must Know

Pakistan Facts Why People Love Pakistan Useful Information You Must Know

Hey guys. Today Its 14 August, the independence day of Pakistan (officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan), I’m going to write about Pakistan and I will share some useful information and facts about Pakistan, when it comes to population and active military force Pakistan is the sixth largest country in the world. When the word Pakistan is heard in the world most people think it’s a hub of terrorists.

Well, it’s not True. Right after 9/11 2001, Pakistan became a key United States ally in the war on terrorism and in bringing democracy to Afghanistan. During that war against terrorist, Pakistan lost 65,000+ lives including the army. and it was Pakistan who fought against the Soviet Union. Just to bring peace to the world.

It was Pakistan who saved Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and other Muslim states in 1967 when Israel attacked 6 Muslim countries on the day of EID (holy festival of Islam).

It’s also true that some of Pakistan’s corrupt politicians are the cause of a country like Pakistan having a bad image in the world. Despite having many natural resources, the Economy of Pakistan was decreasing day by day. But now By The Grace of ALLAH Pakistan is making progress in education and business, especially in the war Against Terror.

Now day operation Zarb-e-azb is going on, so far 4,000+ terrorists have been killed this year. Terrorist activities have decreased to almost 15% in Pakistan as compared to previous stats. Even Karachi (2nd Largest City in The world) was listed among the 10 most dangerous cities in the world.

Now has become a place of peace once again. Last night (13th August) 40 years of records of celebrating Independence Day were broken and Pakistan achieved many things Today.

1) All the convicted TTP planners of APS Peshawer attack and Safoora bus attack, hanged by military courts.
2) More than 700 separatist commanders in Balochistan give up arms, surrender to Southern Command of Pak Army and join the national mainstream.
3) Aasia Andrabi raises Pakistani Flag in Indian Occupied Kashmir.
4) Scores of people celebrate 14th Aug on streets all night in a peaceful Karachi with record breaking holiday market sales of Rs 5 Billion.
5) Two brilliant world class Pakistani films MOOR and SHAH release in cinemas.
6) Independence day celebrated in full swing in Waziristan after 10 years.
7) 80% decline in terrorist incidents since 14th Aug 2014. Via

CORNERED TIGER: the other side of Pakistan

Here is a short documentary about the other side of Pakistan. by Bilal Sohail Qureshi. Must watch this video you will come to know what Pakistan actually is. A lot of things happening here.

Dil Dil Pakistan – Unofficial national anthem of Pakistan.

The song Dil Dil Pakistan was released in 1987 by Vital Signs. and in 2003 BBC World Service International polled for popular songs, Dil Dil Pakistan came Third.

Ever Since Junaid Jamshed became religious he requested all of his fans not to listen to his songs. So I can’t share his song in this post because I’m also his fan. But you may listen to another song inspired by and copied from Dil Dil Pakistan by Shams Idress.

Pakistan Facts

Read These interesting Pakistan facts. You might be thinking this information is for kids. But these facts will help you understand how much potential Pakistan has. what Pakistan can be in the right direction.

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Beautiful Pakistan Images

Attabad Lake
Attabad Lake in Pakistan is a breathtaking example of the natural beauty in the country’s north.
Hiran Minaar
Hiran Minaar near Lahore in Sheikhupura was built in remembrance of the favorite deer of the prince.
uch sharif
Uch is located 75 km from Bahawalpur in Bahawalpur District, South Punjab, Pakistan. Uch is an important historical city, having been founded by Alexander the Great.
The walls of Rohtas Fort in Punjab
The walls of Rohtas Fort in Punjab, Pakistan
Khalti Lake
Khalti Lake, Gupis, Ghizer, Pakistan.

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Katasraj Mandir in Katas
Beautiful Pakistan: Katasraj Mandir in Katas village near the District of Chakwal
Derawar Fort in Cholistan Desert in Pakistan
Derawar Fort in the Cholistan Desert in Pakistan has 40 bastions up to 30 meters high and a circumference of 1500 meters
Camel Dance
Camel Dance at the annual Camel Festival – Punjab, Pakistan
Karakoram Highway
Karakoram Highway
Hussaini Bridge
Hussaini Bridge, Hunza River, Pakistan.
Crossing the straw bridge Hunza.
Gurdwara Panja Sahib
Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Hasan Abdal Pakistan has the handprint of the Guru Nanak and is of fundamental importance to Sikhs the world over.
Shah Jahan Mosque
The Shah Jahan Mosque was built in 1647 during the reign of Mughal King Shah Jahan, also known as the Builder King. It is located in Thatta, Sindh province, Pakistan. It is a part of UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Khewra Salt Mines
Khewra Salt Mines, Jhelum District, Pakistan .. Salt Mines is the second biggest Mines in the world.
Lake Saif-ul-Maluk, Kaghan, Pakistan.
Lake Saif-ul-Maluk, Kaghan, Pakistan.
the Balti Girl, Pakistan
Innocence, the Balti Girl, Pakistan. The Balti is an ethnic group of Tibet with some Dardic admixture, who live in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan.
Pilots of Pakistan Air Force
Pilots of the Pakistan Air Force
Saira Batool, first female Pilot for Pakistan AirForce
Saira Batool, the first female Pilot for Pakistan AirForce
pakistani girl celebrating independence day
Pakistani girl celebrating Independence Day
kawasaki - celebrating pakistan independence day
Guy on Kawasaki Heavy Bike Celebrating Pakistan Independence Day
worlds most sexiest men
Pakistani men have been ranked third sexiest in the world, according to the results of a poll shared by an international online dating website. The website — MissTravel.com – asked over 110,000 Americans to vote for the nationalities they thought were sexiest in the world. Irish men were voted as the sexiest men in the world, followed by Australians at number two and Pakistanis at third. Interestingly, Indian men do not figure anywhere in the top ten list.
Ali Zafar becomes the First Pakistani to be crowned Sexiest Asian Man on the Planet.
Ali Zafar becomes the First Pakistani to be crowned Sexiest Asian Man on the Planet.

This is my PAKISTAN. I tried my best to write this article in a good way if missed anything or if you guys want to share something with us related to this post kindly comment below. Thank You. Cheers :)


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