Contemporary Lv-Z House In Mexico by Nonwarp

contemporary house

The Lv-Z Contemporary House located in Puebla, Mexico stands out through its Z-shaped geometry that attracts attention while also offering an efficient home designed by the NonWarp architectural practice.

The exterior is bright and has clean lines to create a pleasant façade that integrates very well into the urban landscape, while the interior plays with openings and opaque areas to ensure both privacy and light since the site is quite narrow.

There are two floors in the house in this contemporary house, one of them containing the social areas comprised of the living room with the dining room integrated, the kitchen and the service area, while the upper level is where the bedrooms and a secondary living room are located.

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It doesn’t have access to direct sunlight and the others have to compensate acting as a service corridor and separating the building from the adjoining one.

Contemporary House

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