Increase Virtual Memory by Using Your Usb Pen Drive

Normally some systems are configured with a low Virtual Memory, sometimes it is the Reason for your Slow performance of the PC, Let us see how to use our External Memory storage device like Pen drives to act as a Virtual Memory for the Computer.we can simply update this method by using this virtual memory settings step by step.

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How to Use Your Usb Pen Drive As Your System Ram Step By Step

1) First Insert the Pen Drive atleast having an memory of 1GB ,( Preferably 4GB) in the Given USB port of the Computer

2) Wait for the Pen Drive Detection and see whether it is detected or not

3) After detection of Pen Drive, you should do the following things Carefully

4) Now go to My Computer and right click it, then go to the Properties

5) Now go to Advanced and then to the Performance settings

6) Now again Advanced, and go to Change

7) In the Change, select the pen drive which u inserted

Then click on the Custom size and ” check the value of space available ”

9) Please Enter the Same in the Initial and Maximum Columns also

10) Now your Pen drive space is used for the System Virtual Memory , Just Restart and enjoy the Faster and Furious PC

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