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8 Awesome Bootstrap HTML & CSS UI KIT

These Bootstrap UI kits can save you time and money. while drastically improving the look and feel of your design. with these Cool BOOTSTRAP UI KITS Not only will you be able to differentiate yourself from the default Bootstrap styling, you can …

20 Best Website and Ui Flat Design Examples

Flat Design Examples – The Best Web Designers are moving away from hard textures, Now real looking buttons and ripped paper. What seems to be trending, are things such as subtle gradients, shadows, blur, cards and much more neutral but striking colours. Here are …
Facebook News Feed Design 2014

Facebook Announced News Feed Redesign

Facebook will begin rolling out a redesign for its news feed on Thursday, so that desktop and mobile will look the same, making Facebook more consistent and easier to use across platforms, Almost one year ago facebook experimented with a complete redesign …

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