How to Remove Objects from Photos with insMind – The Most Simplified and Free Method

­While applying edits to your portraits, you may want to remove distracting objects from the background to make them ready for social media posts. For this purpose, you will require an advanced tool to remove objects from photos without leaving a trace.

However, you may face difficulty in finding the right tool to properly delete annoying elements from your perfect portrait. This article will help you understand how the best AI-powered tool, insMind, can erase unwanted objects.

Part 1. Top-notch Online Tool to Remove Objects from Photo Free – insMind

Whether you want to remove watermarks, logos, or people from your pictures, insMind can help you get the job done. Using its multi-purpose AI Magic Eraser functionality, users get the chance to delete any object from their image without any hassle. Other than that, its one-click method makes the job even easier for people without any photo editing skills.

With the help of this tool, you can simply draw over a particular area, which is destroying its visual attraction, to remove unwanted objects from a photo. Moreover, this tool allows you to adjust the brush weight to paint over a desired object in a precise manner. Once the tool finishes erasing an object, users can again draw over the remaining elements of that object to achieve perfection.

Benefits of Using insMind – AI Magic Eraser

  1. The fast processing speed of this tool allows you to erase unwanted objects from photos within a matter of seconds.
  2. You can even make use of this tool to remove logos and unwanted text from the official documents without any third-party tool.
  3. With this free-of-cost online object eraser, you can get professional output without paying anything.
  4. Using this tool, users also get the chance to remove blemishes from the skin to obtain a perfect portrait.

Part 2. A Comprehensive Guide on Removing Unwanted Objects from Photo

Now, you are familiar with all the features of insMind – Magic Eraser, which has helped you understand its benefits. To further explore its functionality, let’s go through the workings of this tool to learn how to remove objects from photos with AI using this advanced photo editor:

Step 1. Enter the Magic Eraser Tool Page and Import Your Image

First, you need to visit the official website of insMind and explore the “Free Tools” drop-down menu. Upon reaching this menu, hit the “Magic Eraser” option to access this AI-powered tool. Afterward, press the “Upload a Photo” button to import your desired photo to remove unwanted objects.

Step 2. Draw Over Unwanted Objects with a Brush

Moving forward, you can optimize the weight of the “Brush” tool to perfectly draw over the elements within the photo you want to remove. Now, simply draw over the unwanted object using the optimized pencil tool and click the “Remove” button to remove this object from the photo free online.

Step 3. Selectively Erase Leftover Elements for Perfect Object Removal

Once you get the results of the first object removal task, zoom in on the photo to check for any leftovers from the object you are trying to remove. If you find some elements, draw over them and press the “Remove” button to get the desired output.

Step 4. Download the Image with the Removed Object in Optimized Settings

After getting the perfect photo, click on the “Download” or “Download Ultra HD” buttons to save the photo in your desired quality. Alternatively, you can also choose to click the “Edit More” button to apply other features of this multi-dimensional photo editor.

Part 3. What Else Can insMind Do after Erasing Objects from Photo?

In addition to erasing unwanted objects from photos, this multi-dimensional photo editor has many features to improve the visuals of your portraits. From image enhancement to AI filters, you can apply your desired changes to the uploaded images with the help of this advanced tool. Analyze all the features listed below to get a better idea about the functionality of this all-in-one photo editor:

  1. Instant Background Removal: Other than removing objects from a photo, insMind can also help you instantly erase messy backgrounds. Upon uploading your picture on this tool, it will automatically remove the backdrop without the need to manually select the areas you want to erase.
  2. AI Backgrounds: After deleting background using this tool, you also get the chance to add simple or AI backdrops for an innovative outlook. insMind has the capability to generate thousands of AI backgrounds from simple templates to help you choose a perfect backdrop for your portraits or product photos.
  3. AI Shadows: Professionals can add shadows to their photos using this tool to add more depth to the output image. With the range of options available within this tool, you can put the desired emphasis on the product within the image through reflections.
  4. AI Image Enhancement: Once you remove the unwanted object from a photo, this tool also allows you to enhance the quality of the image. Users can choose to apply HD or ultra HD clarity to the image to give a studio-level finishing.
  5. AI Filters: If you want to apply an artistic look to your images, this photo editor has something in store for you. Using its creative AI filters, you can turn your portraits into 3D or anime characters.
  6. Object Replacement: Instead ofremoving objects from photos with AI, users can simply replace them with AI-generated visuals for a desired output. By adding a comprehensive prompt, you can tell AI what you want to add in place of the selected object.


Throughout this article, we have familiarized you with the object removal functionality of insMind. With its AI Magic Eraser, you canremove objects from photos within a few seconds. We have also discussed everything you can do with your photos using this multi-purpose AI photo editor. So, try out this photo editing tool free online to test all of its advanced features by yourself.


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