Why Using an Android with a MacBook isn’t as crazy as it sounds


It’s important to get this straight: you don’t have to wear the same socks as your jeans. In the same vein you don’t even need an iPhone to enjoy a MacBook. Yes, I said so.

I know, I’m sure. The sweet symphony that occurs in the U.S. when an iPhone pings with a new iMessage as you type on your MacBook can be soothing. The iPhone and MacBook have an unmistakable harmony that makes it very easy to get sucked into the Apple ecosystem. FaceTime and the handoff feature make it feel seamless.

Let’s dive in to my world, where the Pixel and MacBook coexist.

1. WhatsApp is a global phenomenon outside the U.S.

WhatsApp is the most popular app outside of the U.S. Guess what? WhatsApp doesn’t mind if you are Team iPhone or Team Android. Even the desktop version works well with MacBooks.

2. Google Services for MacBook

What Google services can I access on my Pixel? All of them are right on my MacBook. What about a bonus? All my events appear in the Apple Calendar as soon as I sign in with my Google Account. No compromises, no issues. Simple and synchronised.

3. My Digital Pulse : TickTick

TickTick is available on both my Pixel and MacBook. It has been an effortless experience. It is a seamless experience, from managing tasks to setting up reminders.

4. No, I’m not really missing out, but it feels like it.

It’s true — I feel a little jealous when I see someone effortlessly AirDrop or answer a phone call using their MacBook. Then I remember the many apps and services which are platform-agnostic. These are my favorite apps. Once you’ve experienced that freedom, the few Apple-exclusive features will not seem so important.

Conclusion: My tech, my rules

In today’s world, technology is an extension to our personality. For me, my MacBook and Pixel combination might raise some eyebrows, but it’s perfect. This is a great reminder that the best experiences are often found when you step outside of the box. Fun fact: I have Sony headphones and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, so ecosystem is not a concept for me.

If you feel pressured to conform to the tech norms of your time, just remember my unconventional pairing. It’s fine to dance to your tech tune. It’s your journey, so make it unique!


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