30+ of the Coolest and Most Complex DALL-E 3 Prompts

Explore the inventive capabilities of DALL-E 3 with captivating prompts for extraordinary AI-generated artwork.

DALL-E 3 has gained recognition not only for its remarkable prompt accuracy and text generation capabilities but also for its often underestimated creativity. Let’s explore a selection of my favorite prompts that showcase the inventive capabilities of DALL-E 3.

DALL-E 3 has truly proven itself as an exceptional AI image generator, showcasing impressive prompt comprehension and text generation capabilities. While there has been a belief that it may not match the creativity of Midjourney, particularly with the release of V6, recent explorations through Bing Create have challenged this notion.

Surprisingly, DALL-E 3 has demonstrated significant creativity when provided with the right prompts. In contrast to Midjourney V6, where prompt complexity lies in precise phrasing, DALL-E 3 thrives on prompts that convey a conversational tone. Here, I present some of the most remarkable DALL-E 3 prompts that have resulted in amazing artwork:

Prompts To Inspire Extraordinary Artwork with DALL-E 3

In contrast to our Midjourney V6 prompts article, where the intricacy lies in precise prompt phrasing, the complexity of crafting compelling prompts for DALL-E 3 centers around determining the desired artistic style. DALL-E 3 excels with prompts framed in conversational language, allowing for a more natural and nuanced interaction.

Without further delay, here are some of the most captivating DALL-E 3 prompts that leverage its proficiency in responding to conversational cues:


Prompt: A cinematic realism image. A close-up of a woman standing on the street in golden hour backlighting. Warm color palette with natural light. Realistic with cinematic photography.
Prompt: An analog candid photo of a young man lost in thought. Urban photography with 90’s film grain, taken with a DSLR at f1.8. Work of a great photographer.
Prompt: A selfie photo of an average young man in the streets. Photorealism.
Prompt: Product photography of a whiskey bottle. Wood background. The image has musky undertones. Natural lighting with a bit of shadowplay.
Prompt: A piece of butter isolated on a white background. The image is hyperrealistic.
Prompt: A book cover depicting a neutron star. The book’s title is “When Stars Die.” It must capture the essence of both wonder and fear of the cosmos. Top view.
Prompt: The 90s flash photo 35mm iso 200 scratches and dust chromatic aberration slow shutter speed drippy candid 💀 a young green-haired woman reaching up to the sky, city lights in the distance. [Credits to u/uauzo for finding this prompt]
Prompt: A close-up photo of a golden retriever looking up at the camera.
Prompt: A Polaroid photo of a group of young women attending a concert.
Prompt: A security camera footage of Bigfoot wandering campus halls.
Prompt: A bustling Tokyo street scene at dusk, neon lights reflecting off rain-slick pavement, creating a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors. The image must be photorealistic.
Prompt: A panoramic view of the Grand Canyon at sunrise, layers of rock bathed in vibrant hues of orange, red, and purple, the Colorado River snaking through the depths.

Digital Art

Prompt: A pixelated art scene of a library at night. Windows showing the universe. The photo depicts a feeling of wisdom and wonder.
Prompt: Watercolor pixel art depicting a graceful marathon runner racing under a soft rain of pastel-colored petals.
Prompt: A 70s Japanese anime style, a man who can control nature, glitch effect, static, ultradetailed anime, 4k, surrealist
Prompt: A vintage animation in the 50s style. Glitch effect. A woman exploding in pixels and bubbles. Rainbow static explodes on her face. Psychedelic shapes and colors in the distance.

Prompt: Style of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto:” Angel’s Egg, cell shading, dreamy vibrance, surreal, grainy, vintage anime, overlapping visual channels, interference, dystopian sky, tilted” Classic Anime; in the woods, the transformation of man to god, this is truly everlasting beauty. The very moment where the glorious light of godly power merges with man. The camera looking down. Very vibrant and surreal. Dark Smokey 80’s anime. [Credits to u/_Sn_MrM]
Prompt: Angel’s Egg, La Cité interdite, cell shading, dreamy vibrance, surreal, grainy, vintage anime, overlapping visual channels, interference, dystopian sky, tilted. Fantasy, the girl looks at her reflection in water, the reflection back is an angelic creature, looking back up at her, very vibrant and surreal. [Credits to u/_Sn_MrM]

Prompt: a painting with a man creating the universe, in the style of psychedelic illustration, hyper-detailed illustrations, vivid colors, bold, colorful portraits, Necronomicon illustrations, concert posters, tumble-wave
Prompt: painting of streets in the city, in the style of pop art silkscreening, solarization effect, dark yellow and green, thai art, liquid emulsion printing, richly colored skies, woodblock prints
Prompt: Neon-line drawing of a young girl eating ramen noodles.
Prompt: A young woman standing on a sandy beach in front of the ocean, in the style of anime art, vray, romantic landscapes, traditional landscapes, painterly style

Logo & Sticker Design

Prompt: A logo for a basketball team called the “Goldtown Penguins”. Two-tone gold and black.
Prompt: A minimalist logo for an art supplies store called “Dallie’s”. The name “Dollie’s” must be below the logo.
Prompt: A logo design depicting a gradient silhouette of a woman with her hair flying in the air. The name “Florence’s” is below the logo.
Prompt: A distinctive vector logo for a pottery shop with the name “Clay’s”
Prompt: A logo design depicting a blue, red, white, and black mountain silhouette. Wavy and strong linear elements.
Prompt: A sleek vector icon representing nature.
Prompt: A logo design depicting a beach silhouetted by palm trees at sunset with a sunset in the background, in the style of retro wave, graphic black outlines, cute and colorful, rounded.
Prompt: A simple Christmas tree logo design on a beige background. In the style of intricate minimalism, charming illustrations. Reminiscent of storybook illustrations.
Prompt: A flat vector logo design of a whale, minimal, black and gold, by Paul Rand.
Prompt: A vector logo design of a basketball shoe. In the style of vintage minimalism, dark orange and light maroon. The image has a clever use of negative space.

The Bottom Line

Navigating DALL-E 3’s capabilities can reveal its incredible potential for creating stunning artwork. To help you get started, here are a few starter templates showcasing how you can unleash the artistic prowess of DALL-E 3.

While I might not claim that DALL-E 3 matches the creativity of Midjourney V6 at this point, there are instances where choosing DALL-E over Midjourney makes sense. Notably, DALL-E 3 offers the advantage of being completely free through Bing Create, and every prompt above has been generated using this tool. Beyond its cost, DALL-E 3 stands out for its deep nuance and understanding of prompts, setting it apart from its competitors.

These templates only scratch the surface of what DALL-E 3 can accomplish. Feel free to modify and experiment with any of the prompts provided here to unlock even more possibilities in your artistic creations.

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