Amazon Unveils Three AI-Infused Alexa Skills for Engaging Conversations

Explore the Future of AI Interaction with Alexa's Latest Skills

Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence with Alexa for an enhanced experience. Your luck just got better!

Explore Alexa's Latest Generative AI Skills

Amidst the prevalent theme of artificial intelligence at this year’s CES, Amazon has introduced three innovative Alexa skills, all infused with advanced AI capabilities. Accessible to every Echo and Alexa user, these skills are conveniently available through the Alexa app and the Alexa Skills website.

Leading the lineup is Character.AI, a skill crafted by the developers of the Character.AI website. This skill invites you to engage in conversations with various chatbots, enabling dialogues with historical figures like Socrates or Albert Einstein. Dive into discussions ranging from philosophy to physics with this captivating skill.

Utilize Character.AI not only for engaging with historical figures but also for interacting with trip planners, dating coaches, fitness guides, and other knowledgeable assistants. Seeking advice or help? This skill has got you covered. If entertainment is on your agenda, delve into AI-driven alternate timelines or assist an AI in escaping from a gripping predicament.

Activate the skill by simply saying, “Alexa, open Character.AI.” Alexa will then prompt you to choose from speaking with assistants, helpers, and famous personalities, or indulging in fun and games. Make your selection, and Alexa presents a list of diverse characters eager to chat with you.

In my session, I opted to converse with Grace Hopper, the renowned computer scientist and mathematician. Curiosity led me to inquire about the origin of the term “bug,” and to my surprise, she clarified that the story of the moth is a myth. The term “bug” had been coined long before she discovered a real one.

Moving down the list, we have Splash, a skill leveraging AI to compose a personalized song based on your preferences. With this skill, instruct Alexa to create a song of any type or specify the music genre you desire. After playing a brief snippet, Alexa invites you to make modifications, such as adding lyrics. If the tune aligns with your liking, instruct Alexa to send it to your phone for playback.

To generate a song of any type, say: “Alexa, create a song with Splash Music.” For a specific genre, say: “Alexa, open Splash Music,” and you’ll be prompted to specify your preferred style. In my case, I requested Splash to craft a jazz-style song, showcasing potential despite not being Grammy-worthy.

Lastly, there’s Volley Games, the third skill that transforms the classic 20-question game with an AI-driven twist. A friendly AI host challenges you to deduce an object by posing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. After revealing the category, you can ask questions until you make an educated guess. If you find yourself stuck, hints are available along the way.

To give this one a shot, say: “Alexa, open Volley Games.” Your AI host discloses the category and prompts your initial question. In my experience, the category was household objects, and after some pondering, I successfully guessed the mystery item – a spatula.

Developers utilized tools introduced by Amazon in September to create all three skills. These tools facilitate the seamless integration of generative AI into Alexa skills, enabling users to engage in dynamic conversations and access real-time information. Amazon’s touted capabilities also extend to booking restaurant reservations and providing summaries of trending news stories.


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