Benefits of Using Stacked Monitors for Stock Trading Analysis

Do a quick Google search for “stock traders” and you’ll find images of professionals comparing data on multiple screens. This setup is not merely about aesthetics. Rather, it plays a vital role in helping traders find the best setups and spot the most lucrative opportunities.

Hence, a dual screen monitor setup like Geminos can help stock traders become more efficient even in situations where there’s limited room for multiple monitors.

Read on to learn the best benefits of stacked monitors for trading:

Benefits of Using Stacked Monitors for Stock Trading Analysis

Complete Tasks More Efficiently

Stock traders often have several programs and apps open to track markets and make good trading decisions. To do that, they have to continuously switch from one window to the other, which can be cognitively taxing. It can also impact how fast they can respond to market developments.

The stock market is dynamic, so negligence could cause you to incur huge losses.

Stacked monitors eliminate this concern by making it possible to view up to 4 charts per screen with larger fonts on charts and graphs for a better user experience. This gives a better view of multiple market indicators like pricing fluctuations, MACDs, and RSIs simultaneously without toggling between windows.

As a result, you don’t have to waste time and effort adjusting to information on different applications. This helps you spot patterns and trends more easily as well as plot moving averages which help you make better trading decisions.


Many traders don’t limit themselves to one market. They trade multiple instruments and thus have countless indicators to help them take advantage of shorts and longs.

While it isn’t possible to keep track of all market movements 24/7, a stacked monitor with an integrated graphics card will sharpen your trading edge since you can cover more information simultaneously.

You can access multiple data feeds on one screen, which can help you determine how the market is likely to behave. In addition to charts, you can also use your secondary screen for breaking news that could affect the market, helping you make better split-second decisions.

But that’s not all.

A stacked monitor setup can allow you to track oscillators to find better entry and exit levels in terms of pricing and track multiple time frames to monitor ongoing movements. In addition, it can help plot moving averages for sentiment analysis, which could give you intel on how certain stocks are performing and what direction they might take, thereby refining your trading techniques.

Some software can also allow you to set up updates that help you trade after getting a good picture of the market even when you aren’t in front of your computer.

Optimized Setup

Stacked monitors use vertical space instead of horizontal, allowing you to have multiple monitors even in small workstations. The setup is incredibly easy. You can even use an old monitor as long as it is VESA-compatible.

This offers more viewing space even if you have limited room. You can accommodate accessories like an external keyboard, speakers, and a mouse without making your table look cluttered. In addition, it keeps your mind clear and focused, which can lower your stress levels, improve your concentration, promote clarity, and help with your win-loss ratio.

Oh, and it also makes it easier for you to come up with new ideas about your trading strategies.

Better Ergonomics

Stacked monitors don’t require you to look side-to-side to access information as is the norm with horizontal setups. This can eliminate eye strain and neck, back, and shoulder troubles that come with looking at a screen for hours at a stretch.

To make things even better, you could use a monitor arm that allows you to tilt, swivel, and adjust the height of the screens for a comfortable viewing experience.

Or, you could just place frequently used apps and spreadsheets at eye level. It will help you achieve minimal movement and improve your posture — no more hunching over the screen, which can restore your body to peak efficiency.

In Conclusion

Investing in a stacked monitor setup might just be the best decision you take in your trading journey. Thanks to bigger screen real estate, you can view a lot of information like order flow and charts of different markets and timeframes, which could help you make better trades.


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