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The new Google Pixel Tablet, coming in 2023

All known information about the first Google tablet for a long time (Gallery & Video)

Google will soon officially present the pixel tablet and thus enter the next market, which has been almost completely ignored for a long time. The first-pixel tablet has been appearing as a smart home variant for a long time and could already be on the shelves in early 2023. A lot of details about the device are already known, which we clearly summarize at this point.

Google’s tablet adventures felt like they ended in Nexus times, because subsequent devices such as the Pixel C or Pixel Slate were only briefly on the market, sold poorly, and only have in a few countries. This should change with the pixel tablet because you want to seriously edit the market, set new impulses, and take off from the competition. As an Android developer, you have the best conditions for this, because the operating system and the apps have been noticeably adapted in recent months.

Google Pixel Tablet

Google has already set the first pixel tablet of the new generation for the first time in May this year without revealing too many details. At the beginning of October, the official teaser announcement was added again and already showed significantly more information. However, it will take a few more months before the device actually comes onto the market. This long lead time since the first teaser has already shown that it is serious that users want to inspire in advance and maybe also create the feat to build a small hype around a “boring” product. App developers also want to suggest that they should do something to be present at an early stage.

Here you will find all the information about the pixel tablet, which appears in the first version as a smart home variant. This is designed primarily for use in the home’s four walls and can be used secondly as a smart display. A pure smart home tablet that therefore does not have to block with specifications, but with software, well thought-out smart home features, and hopefully a low price.

Google Pixel Tablet

The expected specifications

  • Internal name: Tangor
  • Display size: 10.95 inches
  • Display details: 2560 x 1600 pixels; 16:10 ratio
  • Soc: Tensor 1 or Tensor 2 (contradictory information)
  • Main memory: 128 GB / 256 GB
  • RAM: 4 gigabytes
  • Camera: Sony IMX355 with 8 megapixels in front and back
  • Biometry: fingerprint scanner on the side
  • Another: pen input with USI 2.0

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Saved components: no GPS, no modem, no distance sensor, no air pressure meter, no hi-fi sensor
Please note that the above information from numerous leaks is compiled, which we have of course informed about in recent months. Hardly anything is really confirmed, but experience has shown that the quality of the Leaks has been so high in recent years that you can largely rely on the information months in advance.

Use as a smart display

In terms of hardware, not only the inner values ​​of the Pixel tablet are important, but also the exterior: the pixel tablet can be transformed into a smart display via the dock and thus underlines the actual target group Smart Home. This is expressed on the dock, the weaker hardware, the weak camera, the missing GPS (which is also at home), and the missing modem. But all of this is not a bad thing, because if you want more, you can use another product. You can find a lot of information in this article.

Google Pixel Tablet

Adapted apps

Because Google has now discovered the tablets for itself, Android has finally been adapted to the big displays and has already provided a number of apps with optimized surfaces. What is striking with Android 13 is the taskbar and the two-part notification bar, but there is a lot more to discover. You can find many details on the adapted Android interface in this article.

Google Pixel Tablet

As one of the first devices, the pixel tablet will only support 64-bit apps and thus say goodbye to some old applications. However, because tablets are now getting a restart with modern surfaces, this is no longer problematic. Recently adapted tablet apps from the past few days would be Google Assistant and Discover, Google Keep, and the Google watch.

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Release and sales price

It is expected that Google will actually present the pixel tablet very early in 2023. Maybe in January, more in February. You won’t wait until Google I/O in May, because we can expect the big brother Pixel Tablet Pro. Nothing is known about the sales price, but Google’s economical equipment gives hope that it will be used as low as possible. You may dream from 99 to 199 euros. My tip would be 149 or 199 euros. No guarantee.



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