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Discover How Customers Use the Lizard Flare

Discover How Customers Use the Lizard Flare

Imagine you’re driving late at night. You are on a quiet country road in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly you hit a dip in the highway and have a flat tire. You pull off to the side – but it’s a narrow lane and late and dark.

It may take a while to change the tire, and you want to alert other drivers that you are broken down on the street. Lizard Flare reviews claim their lights can be seen from up to a mile away to help keep you safe in dangerous situations like this.

What is the Lizard Flare?

Lizard Flares are similar to traditional road flares used by police to alert oncoming traffic of hazards blocking the road.

  • Stopped Vehicle
  • Construction
  • Debris

Traditional road flares are highly flammable and create a bright flame when lit to alert oncoming traffic to road hazards.

Unlike traditional flares, the Lizard Flare uses bright LED lights to create a 360-degree light display.  They have nine lighting safety mod patterns, including an SOS signal. While traditional flares are single-use, you can keep AAA batteries on hand and use the Lizard Flares again and again.

Lizard Flare reviews recommend you use six to properly illuminate the hazard and alert oncoming traffic to avoid your vehicle or construction site. More flares may be required for highways where the speed is over 50 miles per hour.

Why Should I Keep a Lizard Flare in my Car?

Nowadays, you can rely on your cell phone in most cases to call 911 and get help almost immediately. But, in certain areas or during inclement weather, your cell service may be compromised.

Use Lizard Flares to alert oncoming traffic to your presence. The 15 high-intensity LEDs make you easy to spot. Otherwise, someone driving along may fly right past without noticing you need a hand. If your cell phone isn’t working, the SOS signal can bring help to you.

Lizard Flare reviews insist these handy lights are completely weatherproof and shatterproof. They may not shine quite as bright in a storm – but they will still cast a bright glow while you wait for help. Plus, if another car accidentally drives over your flare, it will continue to shine without damage.

Having a set of Lizard Flares on hand will ensure you are prepared for emergencies. Hopefully, you never have to use them; but if you do, Lizard Flare reviews assure you’ll be ready if an accident occurs.

If you need to use Lizard Flares, set them up correctly to ensure you’re spotted by oncoming traffic. Space them out so that cars have enough time to slow down before they pass you. The faster the speed limit, the further apart you should set your flares.

Lizard Flare Reviews

Lizard Flare reviews are all positive, with customers ranking the product an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Positive Lizard Flare Reviews include:

  • “What a Deal” from Jeff B, who was impressed with the flares’ quality after purchasing a TV ad.
  • “Handy Lights” from Big C includes a description of various lighting features, like the softer night light feature that one can use in place of a flashlight.
  • “Foolish not to have” from ILoveSuff – who notes that these flares are much safer to store than traditional flammable flares.

The only complaint on Lizard Flare reviews is that each flare requires three AAA batteries, which are not included in the purchase. If you decide to have Lizard Flares in your glovebox for emergencies, Lizard Flare reviews suggest keeping an extra pack of AAA batteries on hand.

Other Uses for the Lizard Flare

ILoveStuff’s Lizard Flare review stated that in addition to these flares being much safer than traditional flares – the Lizard Flare could be used beyond your car’s emergency kit. The bright LED light may be useful in emergencies in other settings.


Pack a couple of Lizard Flares in with your camping gear. They are helpful to carry with you on long hikes. If there is an emergency or you find yourself injured, the flare will make it easy for emergency responders to locate you on the trail.

Lizard flares can also be easy to outline a path to the bathroom at dark campgrounds and help you and your family avoid obstacles late at night.


Keep a set of Lizard Flares in your boat for emergencies. Just like on a highway, the LED flares will make it easy for first responders to spot you and offer assistance in case of an accident.

Even when there isn’t an emergency, bright light on your boat can keep you safe if you decide to spend the night at sea. Use your Lizard Flare as a beacon to alert other ships of your presence.


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