SmartStop Self Storage Review: Crucial Features & Details

SmartStop Self Storage is a  storage facility based in Canada. The company renamed its US locations in October 2017, renaming 94 locations from Extra Space to SmartStop Self Storage and raising its US presence. It is one of the best and largest self storage companies in the USA and Canada.

The more intelligent method to store your belongings is at SmartStop Self Storage. We have video surveillance, large driveways and deals like 1st Month Rent Free move-in specials.

If you are in Canada, consider one of the best self-storage companies in Hamilton and other cities that can assist you in determining which self storage unit size will be ideal for your needs, whether you’re downsizing, relocating, or simply decluttering.

SmartStop sought to acquaint customers with their brand and offerings during the rebranding process. They wanted a successful brand recognition campaign that would enable them to reach a large audience while staying within a manageable budget to do that.

In order to determine the most effective strategy for reaching and converting their audience, the company spoke with its Google representative—an account manager from a prior search ad campaign. The admins of their Google accounts advised them to experiment with YouTube video ads.

Here below are some crucial details about SmartStop Self Storage Review:

They have personal storage spaces accessible so you can simply store furniture, outdoor toys (bikes, snowboards, kayaks, etc.), or seasonal lawn and garden equipment if you’re moving, renovating, or reorganizing. Additionally, they provide storage for businesses, college students, and vehicles.

The sizes of their storage units range from roughly 5’x5′ to 10’x20. A few places also have extra-large units available. To establish how much room you need, please refer to the chart below.

A hall closet or half bathroom would be 5×5. Small pieces of furniture, chests of drawers, small mattress sets, and cartons can all fit.

Like a walk-in closet, 5 x 10 You can fit a tiny bedroom set, mattress, and dining room in a studio apartment.

Like a sizable walk-in closet, 5×15. You can fit furniture for a one-bedroom apartment, a desk, patio furniture, and stacked washers and dryers.

Like a little bedroom, 10×10. You can fit furniture for a 1-2 bedroom apartment, a refrigerator, big appliances, boats, and sofas.

Like a little office, 10×15. 1-2 desks, cabinets, huge printers, chairs, and sofas can fit.

Like a big bedroom, 10×20. Furniture for 1-2 bedrooms, a refrigerator, bulky appliances, boats, and sofas can all fit.

Like a living room, 10×30. Furniture for 2-3 bedrooms, a refrigerator, major appliances, kayaks, sofas, and wardrobes can all fit.

To safeguard your items from the extremes of cold, heat, and humidity, several of their facilities provide climate-controlled storage units that maintain a predetermined temperature range.

When you need to keep items for your family that could be harmed by excessive temperatures, such as electronics, pictures, artwork, or other household items, climate-controlled units are unquestionably the best option.

For your convenience, many of their facilities provide both outdoor and interior storage units. It could be simpler to drive up to an outdoor storage facility if you are storing large or heavy things, like furniture.

You can take use of spacious freight elevators and roomy, well-lit hallways if you choose an indoor storage space. In most sites that have indoor storage facilities, they also provide moving carts.

They are devoted to protecting your possessions! They have video cameras and keypad entry in addition to passive security elements like iron fences and well-lit areas to offer a secure, stress-free storage experience in many locations.

Only the owners of their storage units’ assigned key codes have access to the building. Building intrusion alarms are also present in their interior storage facilities. Individual unit door alarms are another form of protection that some homes employ.

2019 saw a valuation of $87.65 billion USD for the self-storage business, according to Mordor Intelligence Research. That worth is anticipated to increase to $115.62 billion by 2025.

This places the anticipated period of 2020–2025’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) at 134.79%. And by being on top, SmartStop Storage contributes to a huge chunk of these statistics.


Additionally, self-storage can survive a downturn. Self-storage is still operating despite the pandemic’s recent negative economic effects.

According to a survey from Trepp, the delinquent rate for loans to self-storage facilities, which total around 1700, is less affected than the delinquency rate for loans to other real estate sectors, such as hotels.


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