5 Hidden Things You Missed In Star Wars

The ordinary fan might overlook many hidden references, easter eggs, and other clues throughout the Star Wars saga are many hidden references, easter eggs, and other clues throughout Star Wars saga than the ordinary fan might overlook. George Lucas made sure there were lots of chances for his actors and staff to interact with fans, whether it was a cameo or a connection to another film.

The color purple makes references to moral complexity, recovery, and rebuilding. Therefore, individuals who used a purple lightsaber had a great bond with both the Light and Dark sides of the Force. The bulk of Star Wars characters was too committed to one side or the other to use a weapon this clever and stealthy. Purple represents a blend of good and evil. There are several Star Wars films out there today, and with them come little inside jokes and hidden elements that only true fans will catch.

Furthermore, most of the items on this list are easy to overlook if you blink since they require a sharp eye. Here are 5 Star Wars Hidden Details You Probably Missed, without further ado.

1. Script on a Wall

Tatooine’s on-location filming was a complete disaster, hit by a rainfall (the first in decades) and prop breakdowns that ruined every second of Lucas’s epic tale. So much so that the crew’s markings from putting up on a rock wall were left behind.

Look closely at the wall in the back of the Tusken Raider attack scene. It is covered with what appears to be rock drawings. After setting up the shot for the scenario, the production team made these notes. This is a very cool catch, whether you call it a mistake or an easter egg.

The most well-known quote from Star Wars!

I wish for you to feel the force. – Each Star Wars film’

It’s the one line that has maintained its impact over the years. It is arguably the most well-known and often used quote in all of film history, not just Star Wars.

2. Empire Logo

Anakin’s body is damaged and his limbs are severed after his loss on Mustafar against his former lord. The rebuilding procedure is not pleasant and fact very agonizing. If you pay great attention to the top-down image, Anakin is surrounded by the Empire’s logo. It is appropriate given that the Republic had recently fallen and democracy was still only a pipe dream.

For six seasons, Terrence portrayed “Lucious Lyon” on “Empire,” but the show was canceled after the Jussie Smollett alleged false hate crime crisis. Terrence claims that 20th Century Fox is utilizing his likeness and image for the series’ logo without paying him anything.

3. Head of IG-88

The identical model of the killer bounty hunter—not IG-88—made a cameo in The Dark knight, and it was also seen in New Hope. The killer droid’s head served as the cantina’s drink dispenser. Look attentively as Luke taps the bartender on the shoulder to request a drink; as he turns, you can see the head that has been modified to resemble a drink dispenser. Starting as a barista or bounty hunter is necessary since IG-88 is all about the grind.

IG-88A, IG-88B, IG-88C, and IG-88D were the four assassin droids that made up the IG-88 in Star Wars Legends story. Each robot has its end, including the one that reportedly uploaded himself onto the second Death Star and was destroyed in Return of the Jedi.

4. cellular unit 2187

It could appear like Princess Leia’s cell block number was chosen at random, but it wasn’t. The name FN-2187 is given to Finn in the movie The Force Awakens as a tribute to the cell Princess Leia was kept in during A New Hope on the Death Star.

You can hear Han say, “Cell 2187,” as he is describing to Luke the cell Leia is in. Every Star Wars film pays homage to the first three films; Finn was essentially a 40-year project.

On the first Death Star, Princess Leia Organa was held in cell 2187. Organa was held here after being kidnapped by Darth Vader and subjected to torture by an IT-O Interrogation Uni in Detention Block AA-23, sub-level five, a location reserved for political criminals.

5. Flight Down

The Millenium Jet outruns the Imperial Force in the rock field chase scene from Empire Fights Back, which is a nonstop action roller coaster. But if you pay careful attention, you can see the pilot of a TIE Fighter flying through space after being struck by an asteroid. Although it happens extremely quickly, if you slow it down, you can see the TIE pilot spinning as his spacecraft hits the enormous space rock. Again, C3Po, what were those odds?

Related asked a question about Star Wars;

In episode five, Obi-Wan discovers whose lightsaber it is.?

  • Even when the rebel object, Obi-Wan maintains that Vader just wants him. Before turning himself into the imperials, he gives Haja his lightsaber, blaster, and commlink.

What is the Star Wars Easter egg?

  • Image for “5 secret Star Wars details you overlooked”

Han is informed by C-3PO in The Empire Strikes Back that the Falcon has an intriguing accent. In Solo, we find out that the consciousness of Lando’s cherished droid L3-37 was uploaded into the Falcon. This is much better because Phoebe Waller-Bridge portrayed L3-37.

What is the Star Wars fact that is least known?

  • A monkey came close to playing Yoda. According to J.W. Rinzler’s book The Making of Star Wars, George Lucas had intended for Yoda to be portrayed as a cute monkey with a cane and wearing a mask.

What was the name of Yoda at first?

  • In the original draft of Leigh Brackett’s script for The Empire Strikes Back, the character’s name was eventually altered to “Minch Yoda.” Once more, the name was changed to Yoda.

Why didn’t Ahsoka appear in the Star Wars films?

  • To be more exact, she was never named since she didn’t exist when Episode III was produced. However, in terms of the Star Wars canon, it’s possible that she was just not acknowledged on screen.

Which of the eight Star Wars films comes first?

  • Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, the first episode.
  • Attack of the Clones from Star Wars Episode II.
  • The Clone Wars of Star Wars.
  • Revenge of the Sith, the third episode of Star Wars.
  • The Star Wars Story Solo.
  • The Star Wars story Rogue One.
  • A New Hope, the fourth episode of Star Wars
  • The Empire Strikes Back, is part of the Star Wars saga.

On what is Star Wars based?

  • Angry that his concept was too complex to be understood, George Lucas created a 13-page script for The Star Wars that was partially inspired by The Hidden Fortress by Akira Kurosawa.


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