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Is Reseller Hosting Right for You?

Selling hosting packages to customers can be a profitable business. But finding and setting up hosting hardware and software can be expensive and difficult. 

Reseller hosting enables you to deliver services that rely on existing infrastructure and still give your customers a top-notch experience. Still, the term reseller hosting might be confusing for some people. So, if you want to learn what reseller hosting is, its benefits, how it works, and whether it suits you, read this article!

What is Reseller Hosting?

Many web hosting companies provide reseller hosting services. A reseller hosting service enables an individual or company to market and sell web hosting services under their name. The account owner will function as a hosting service provider to the end users. The majority of reseller hosting plans operate on a regular wholesale basis.

You need to register with a reliable provider, create a reseller account to access wholesale rates, add your branding, and then resell the web hosting at a profit. You can add pricing and terms if you adhere to the host’s rules. Then, you are free to do things as you see the best fit. 

End consumers of reseller hosting might not have access to the same technical support that other customers do from reputable web hosting providers. This is because reseller hosting service users don’t have to have an in-depth understanding of web hosting. In reality, most reseller hosting account holders are start-up business owners rather than experts.

You don’t need to manage the hardware or hosting software using reseller hosting. Good web hosts, like InterServer Hosting, already have the software configured with specific reseller packages that can speed the setup process. You can read more about InterServer Hosting’s leading reseller web hosting services in this InterServer review.

What are the Benefits of Reseller Hosting?

Affordable price and the ability to make an additional profit is the biggest benefit of reseller hosting. However, there are also a few other benefits to it.

Ease of Use & Management

It is quite simple to set up reseller hosting. You normally get access to an admin dashboard in cPanel or another admin package when you sign up for reseller hosting. Your monthly disk space and bandwidth allowance will be included in that. The cPanel will have the resources required to create new accounts and assign domain names, disk space, emails, and other capabilities common to web hosting. Additionally, you may provide users administrative access, manage traffic, advertise, and construct your hosting plans that you can sell to customers.

Although it is not the sole management dashboard, cPanel is among the most well-known. Regardless of your provider’s control panel, it must enable simple management and limited control over your resell hosting plans. Additionally, it needs to provide metrics and measurements so you can keep up service levels and handle problems before they happen.

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The Ultimate Flexibility

With reseller hosting, you can set up all kinds of web hosting packages, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, or any other kind of plan you believe best meets your customer’s demands, depending on your normal client profile. Then you can charge whatever the market will bear and keep the profit. 

As the reseller, you determine the profit margin. Still, you should try and stay competitive, not overcharging, and not charging less than leading companies in the field.

On-Demand Scalability

Most reseller hosting accounts are scalable, allowing you to start small and develop as your customer number increases. Because hosting is virtual, scaling can happen rapidly and frequently with no additional administrative fees.

Access to Client Websites

There are no delays while customers reset their passwords or wait for them to transmit logins if you provide online services to clients who also host with you. Your access to their accounts is quick and unrestricted, which implies that you can respond to problems rapidly or offer customer care more swiftly than usual.

Ability to White Label

With white labeling, you may apply your branding and sell a third party’s product or service as your own. In this case, you can sell web hosting, which is enabled to offer to customers on your custom-built website as your product.


Purchasing hosting plans at wholesale costs is part of reseller hosting. Then, you can provide customized plans to your current clients and boost your revenue. This solution may increase your earnings without spending money on hosting hardware or software. For business owners just starting, reseller hosting is beneficial. With a small initial investment cost, it is a relatively low-risk investment.

If you are an experienced developer, reseller hosting is suitable for end users. You can benefit from reseller web hosting’s affordable prices. However, because there is a learning curve, reseller hosting might not be the greatest option if you are new to hosting and programming. Another thing to remember is that reseller hosting might not be as secure as other hosting services.


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