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Make-up Essentials To Set Up Your Own Beauty Bag

They say a woman carries her entire world in her bag and it is fairly true on so many occasions. After all, as much as we love slaying in our favorite outfits, having some beauty essentials handy is a must-have to look fabulous all the time. Whether you are getting ready at your place, back of the cab, or office loo, having a make-up bag with all the essentials is every girl’s real savior. Putting up your make-up kit can be quite challenging for a make-up novice. With hundreds of make-up products to choose from, it can get a bit confusing to figure out which beauty product works better for you.

However, you don’t have to panic because we have put together the list of all the make-up products that you need to have in your bag. With these beauty essentials, you can glam up your face on the go and don’t have to be worried about your make-up schedule because of the time constraints. Be it minimal or heavy make-up look; make space for the following make-up essentials.

Beauty Essentials that are Compulsory for Every Make-up Bag

Foundation for Sheer Coverage 

Flawless, seamless, and dewy make-up looks are not just salon things anymore. All you need is the right shade of foundation to give your face the right coverage, cover up the imperfections, blur out the pores, and have a long-lasting base. While buying, look out for a foundation cream with longevity, buildable coverage, and provides a flawless finish. Hence if there’s one product on which you have to splurge on while building your make-up kit, it has to be the long-wearing foundation.

SPF Cream for Heat Protection 

You must have come across umpteen articles validating the application of sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. And so, having SPF cream is another mandatory product to be there in the make-up vanity. Find a sunscreen cream with the right amount of SPF and also does not make skin look greasy. Find a sunscreen cream that is lightweight, makes your skin look matte and has moisturizing elements. It acts like catalysts in simplifying your beauty routine and providing a protective sheath against the sun.

Concealer for Clear Skin 

Another product in your make-up should be Concealer which is an ultimate savior. Having the right concealer help enhance the complexion, brighten the under-eyes and hide the dark spots under the eyes. Hence when you look for the make-up concealer, make sure it is loaded with hydrating ingredients, can be used on the bare skin to cover the dark spots and face imperfections and provides ultra-pigmentation without any creasing or fading.

Compact Powder to Seal the Look 

Sweating is the main reason behind smeared make-up during summer weather and we can’t get through this weather without the sweat. So what’s the solution to this? It’s time to turn to compact powder provides that provides amazing coverage, prevents the make-up from getting smeared, and gives the skin a flawless and radiant touch. It promises to seal the base make-up with the oil-absorbing formula that easily blends with the skin and offers comfortable wear without irritating the skin.

Eye Make-up Products to Add Drama to Eyes 

Another make-up stuff that deserves a place in your go-to-make-up bag is eye makeup products like eyeliner, and long-lasting Kajal that women love wearing on a daily basis. As a beauty enthusiast, you need to add eye make-up products to your kit for that extra oomph in your daily make-up routine. Even on the days when you don’t feel yourself, one stroke of eyeliner makes your eyes pop and adds an intense look. Stepping out without kohled eyes is a big no for girls and hence you also need eyeliner and Kajal in the make-up bag.

Lipstick for the Perfect Pout

The last and most important make-up product that you need to carry along is your favorite shade of lipstick. Whether you are heading out for the last-minute plans after work or out on family dinner, your lipstick will transform your look. Even if you are not carrying a full make-up look, just one swipe of highly pigmented lipstick can uplift your mood and take your styling game to another level. Carrying a lipstick in your make-up pouch is always feasible because it hardly occupies much space and you can apply it anywhere and anytime!

And that’s all! Gather the following go-to products in the beauty bag and you are ready to shine with your make-up look!


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