Can You Download Amazon Prime Movies To Watch Offline


Amazon prime video streaming services are accessible in many regions worldwide. To stream movies on Amazon prime, the user has to be online. However, some users prefer to watch movies and shows offline.

StreamFab Amazon Downloader

As a sub-brand of DVDFab, StreamFab Amazon Downloader enables Amazon Prime users to download their favorite Amazon Prime movies and shows on their computers. StreamFab Amazon Downloader offers a user-friendly interface for users to download various amazon prime videos and an inbuilt player for users to watch the downloaded movies and shows offline.

The downloader facilitates high-quality 1080p downloads with AAC 2.0 and EAC35.1 sound quality. Moreover, the downloader also provides download options of H.264 and H.265 formats to enable users to save the files on their pc.

StreamFab Amazon prime downloader also enables users to download movies on mac devices. The downloader has a mac version of its software that can be used to download amazon prime shows and movies. However, certain system specifications are required for one to download StreamFab downloader on their computer.

It is also possible to download various sports shows on amazon prime using StreamFab amazon downloader. Platforms like MLB.TV offer various live sports such as football and basketball matches. For sports fans, StreamFab enables you to download your favorite matches and save them to watch later.

Platforms that Support Amazon Prime Video Profiles

Game consoles such as PS4, PS5, Xbox series X/S and Xbox One all have Amazon prime apps to enable streaming movies and shows on the devices. The Xbox gaming consoles are capable of streaming videos in 4k HDR quality. This provides videos that are very clear to watch and enjoyable to the user. Navigating on Amazon prime with a gaming console is done using the gamepad or a dedicated remote.

The easiest and cheapest way to watch Amazon Prime shows and movies is through set boxes and streaming sticks. Amazon Prime apps come in-built on the set box, and what the user needs is to just log in to their amazon prime account to start streaming. Various set boxes and streaming devices such as Virgin Media TiVO, Nvidia shield, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast with google TV all offer amazon prime shows and movies.

Amazon prime videos and shows are also available on various types of smart TVs. All the user needs is to download the Amazon prime videos app on the smart TV and log in to their account to start streaming. Some smart TV brands that offer Amazon prime videos include Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and LG. Many of the listed smart TVs have a playback 4k HDR option for Amazon prime.

Amazon offers various Fire TV devices. These include the Fire TV cube, Fire TV stick 4k max and the Fire TV stick lite up. These Fire TV devices enable one to access amazon prime movies and shows. The device also enables users to connect to other streaming platforms such as Netflix. The added advantage of Fire TV devices is that they support Alexa voice control. This allows the user to use Alexa voice control to watch amazon prime movies and shows.

Several Blu-ray devices also support the streaming of amazon shows and movies. Blu-ray devices from Sony, LG, Panasonic, and Samsung support amazon apps. The user must download the amazon app on the devices and then log into their accounts. The user-friendly feature of most Blu-ray devices makes it easy to access and stream amazon prime movies and shows.

Various IOS and android smartphones support Amazon Prime movies and shows. All you need is to download the Amazon mobile app on your device. Upon downloading, the user then has to enter their account login details to stream the movies. This enables the users to stream their favorite shows and movies at any location and time.

Amazon Prime also has several content providers as add-on subscriptions for users in different geographical regions. Some of the most common content providers are Lionsgate, Discovery+, Eros and manoramaMAX. These content providers offer extra shows and movies for amazon prime users. However, the user has to subscribe to them in the add-on option of amazon prime.


Advantages of StreamFab’s Amazon Prime Downloader

  1. When using StreamFab amazon downloader to download TV shows, it is possible to download all the episodes of a season simultaneously. StreamFab amazon prime downloader has an option for batch download, which is used to download multiple episodes all at once. This makes the process fast and easy compared to downloading single episodes.
  2. The best feature about the StreamFab amazon prime downloader is the user interface. The platform is very user-friendly. The pop-up menus allow the user to register and download amazon movies and shows easily.
  3. The StreamFab amazon prime downloader removes ads when streaming and downloading. Some streaming platforms have very many ads that disrupt downloads. The StreamFab downloader allows you to block ads, leading to faster download rates.
  4. StreamFab amazon prime downloader also comes with a default 4k media player. After downloading movies and shows, the user can watch the movies and shows on the StreamFab amazon prime downloader. The inbuilt player can also be used to play downloaded music.
  5. The downloader also allows the users to pre-select the audio and subtitle language. This makes it possible for different users to play their favorite movies and shows in their language.
  6. For new amazon prime shows, a release date is set for the release of each episode over a certain period. With StreamFab, the user can queue downloads for each episode at the scheduled dates and times. This allows the user to download the episodes as they are released.


Downloading movies and shows from Amazon Prime is possible using the StreamFab amazon prime downloader. All the user needs is to download the StreamFab installer. Downloading the installers enables a user to install the StreamFab downloader on their mac or windows computer.

StreamFab amazon downloader is definitely the best platform for downloading shows and movies on various streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and Disney plus.


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