How to use airplanes in Call of Duty Warzone: Pacific

How to use airplanes in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

Call of duty warzone: pacific has included airplanes in its Caldera map, and they have proved quite lethal. The combination of Aircraft and anti-aircraft guns has made this game even more fun and exciting.

The damage that an aircraft inflicts is much larger than any premium weapon system available in the game. So, if you happen to be a player who knows how to fly an aircraft fiercely, you will give good competition to your premium-equipped enemy. You can also use Warzone Aimbot to ace your gameplay further.

Slow your Aircraft while firing

The Aircraft in the game will give you a rage to go on a rampage, but you need to be very careful while playing this way. If you engage your enemy at high speeds, you will not land any decisive blows to them. You will keep passing and circling your enemy blazing, and enemies will eventually hide in the haven.

You need to slow down and target your enemies precisely while flying. This may increase your susceptibility to anti-aircraft fire, but you will be able to attack and neutralize your enemy quickly with practice.

Fire in Margins of Error

When you fly a fighter aircraft and try to engage the enemy, the HUD view of the targeting beacon seems so broad, and you feel that you will miss your targets. But the thing is, Aircraft guns are not designed for pinpoint attack. It rather strafes the bullets in a larger area and decimates anything in that area.

So do not hold back while engaging your enemy for the sake of accuracy. Spray the bullets; even if a few shots manage to hit the target, it will be enough to kill your enemy with ease. If you still feel you need more accuracy as you are low on ammo, do a low-level slow flying and engage your enemy. But, you will be at a high risk of getting shot down by anti-aircraft artillery.

Perform a Scout Role

Airplanes give you an advantage in looking for enemies at longer distances. If you find an airplane, fly ahead of your team to make them aware of any danger. You can relay the exact position of the enemy team so that your team can formulate a strategy to take them out. You can also provide cover fire to your team while making a move on the enemy.

Having an aircraft on your side will surely increase your winning odds, and therefore, you should use Aircraft for scouting roles.

Use Vertical Dive Attack

This strategy will come in handy when you want to kill your enemy with precision. Once you see an enemy, you fly high to gain altitude, and then you do nose-dive to the enemy position, all guns blazing.

In this way, you will be able to concentrate your fire in a small area and thus kill the enemy. This angle of attack is far better than a horizontal gun run where most of the rounds go waste.

Precision is very critical in these attacks. You have to pull up your jet at the right moment; otherwise, you will crash it. So make sure you do good practice of this manoeuvre.

Shoot Ahead of Running Vehicles

Like all FPS games, you need to be careful while shooting moving targets. Aim slightly ahead of the target and fire. In this way, you will hit your targets with good accuracy and precision. If you kept shooting in the original place, all your bullets would stay behind the target.

This skill comes with a lot of practice as you have to calculate your shots according to the enemy’s speed. So keep practising until you perfect it.


Call of duty has always been the most desirable game among gamers worldwide. And the new map of the Warzone pacific lives up to expectations. You need to be sure that you follow all of the tips we told you while flying the airplane to utilize its potential fully.

It is a high-power weapon and will require a certain amount of skill to use in a battle. If you follow our tips, then it is sure that you will get good results. So go out there, pick an aircraft and show your enemies your lethal and impressive skills.


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