Aviation Maintenance Technologies in Singapore


Singapore is Asia’s leading hub for aviation maintenance. The country is a key business and travel destination sitting in the middle of the east-west corridor of the planet. With one of the busiest air traffic routes, it makes perfect sense for Singapore’s MRO aviation industry to account for over 10% of the global aviation maintenance market. [1]There is a large number of MRO aviation companies in Singapore that take care of end-to-end MRO needs including services such as aircraft maintenance and helicopter maintenance.

To make a mark in such an evolved and reputed MRO market teeming with domestic as well as global brands, you need the power of cutting-edge technology and innovation-rich software for aviation maintenance and supply chain services. While almost every company uses ERP software to run operations, usage of cloud-based and comprehensive MRO software can help you gain an edge in the market. The right solution would also seamlessly address all the regulatory requirements and take care of all types of aircraft including helicopters and rotorcrafts etc.

The Singapore aviation industry is so reputed that fleet operators including airlines, helicopter services, private charter aircraft services, cargo companies, and even defense forces rely on MRO aviation companies in Singapore to take care of their needs. However, what is often not realized is that despite the transformation of aircraft technology in Singapore, a lot of the MRO aviation companies continue to remain rooted in archaic and outdated technology and manual processes. The challenge of paper-based operations and disparate technology continue to affect the sector.

This is where you can take advantage of a futuristic aviation maintenance solution that can give you a competitive advantage over legacy brands. You can use advanced cloud-based software to streamline and speed operations, achieve faster turnaround time (TAT), and various other benefits such as:

Warranty Management – A leading software can save up to 8 million SGD on warranty, enhance data availability and reporting by 40% and bring down inventory carrying costs by 6%. Not only that, an advanced software-driven approach can lead to nearly 80% automation of non-critical activities and 10% reduction in revenue leakages.

If you are a holistic aviation maintenance company that takes care of different types of flying machines including helicopters and rotorcrafts then using software to drive operations is a must for you.

As we have seen in recent years, the helicopter segment is rapidly growing and new product platforms are being regularly introduced by all leading global OEMs. There is consistent enhancement of automation, fuel efficiency, and performance. On the other hand, in the military helicopter segment, the emphasis is on expanding the operational capabilities and the ability to play different roles as per the situation. With billions of dollars being invested in advanced helicopter fleets, software-driven helicopter maintenance services are the answer to growing market needs. A world-class helicopter maintenance software would offer various benefits and features such as:

  • Parameter value tracking
  • Position based schedule tracking
  • Offline field maintenance system
  • Mobile Application
  • Power by Hour (PBH)
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
  • Flight Contracting and Invoicing

With the resumption of global air traffic, this is an opportune moment for MRO companies to switch to advanced aviation maintenance software and grow exponentially in the Singapore MRO industry!




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