Top 6 Video Animation Companies to Do Business with in 2024

Video content marketing continues to lead the industry as the most effective digital marketing strategy. It is no surprise that several providers have sprung to the opportunity and are trying to fill the growing demand.

The problem is not the growing startups; instead, not all of them have the required experience, talent, and expertise to create genuinely compelling animated videos for your business.

To avoid having an uncomfortable experience, we have put together a list of 6 highly competent video animation companies and some related information about these companies and their expertise so that you can find and associate with the right one for you.

Though ensure that these video animation companies are not anime movie production companies such as Walt Disney or DreamWorks Animation, many perceive them to be. These 6 companies listed are short animation video production companies that businesses benefit from to excel in their marketing!

1. Animation Iconix

Animation Iconix is an animation video production company in Houston, Texas, and San Francisco, California. They specialize in multiple animated videos such as Explainer Videos, 2D/3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Whiteboard Animation, Typography, etc.

As a Video Animation Company, it has a comprehensive portfolio as it has associated with several businesses of various sizes and industries. Mostly Animation Iconix is preferred by startups as an ideal choice to help them build a solid digital presence via their result-assuring explainer videos. It is also best known for producing amazing animation videos, which are a powerful marketing tool for its business.

Animation Iconix has a potential professional team of video animators who are passionate about delivering utterly enticing video animation services so that your businesses can achieve the best results.

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2. Website Iconix

Website Iconix is amongst the most highly acclaimed Video Animation agencies in the USA. It has an expanded service line offering high-performing website and mobile app design and development services. Website Iconix is undoubtedly a name worth associating with to attain services that can help extend your digital presence successfully.

It offers dynamic, responsive, and intriguing video animation services. Website Iconix has some of the most renowned and skilled teams of professional video animators associated with them. Thanks to their diversity and competence, Website Iconix can provide any business with the most innovative, high-performing, audience-engaging video animations.

Website Iconix ensures to bring your marketing ideas to life with effective video animations that for sure will drive your business further towards success.

Website Cruise

Website Cruise is an animation video company in the USA that has made a great name in the industry based on its potential to deliver sheer excellence. It has grown extensively in the animation industry as companies seek their services regularly to attain effective short animated explainer video advertisements for their marketing purpose.

Website Cruise has attained several rewards and appreciation from its audience for its animation services heavily influenced by entertaining, creative, and aspiring videos to grasp the viewers’ attention. Even though animation is a great way to tell a story and connect to your audience, things surely can go the other without the right expertise and skills.

So, it is best to go with a company with the expertise and competence to best protect your business to your targeted audience. Website Cruise is great at showcasing your business’s creativity and individuality.

Digital Iconix

Digital Iconix is a leading video animation firm in Houston, Texas, that provides enticing, appealing, and well-covered animations. It has vast market experience, having assisted countless businesses in accomplishing their marketing goals and aims.

Digital Iconix is a top-rated animation production company that prioritizes your business to be best featured to your targeted audience so that the clients and clientele of Digital Iconix can accomplish sustainable and scalable growth.

Digital Iconix has a team and network with extensive knowledge and expertise across the United States.

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5. Animation Barrel

Animation Barrel has some of the very best creative artists associated with it, and that’s precisely why it is highly recognized and recommended when it comes to availing of custom explainer videos that will surely captivate your targeted market. As a result, its clientele has grown extensively since it offers every video animation-relevant service to its clients, all the way from professional scriptwriting to enticing animation video production.

An inspiring analysis about Animation Barrel is that it certainly believes that videos have the power to communicate a brand’s story while educating its audience and promoting the products since it ensures to feature such factors while also delivering much more.

Animation Barrel was recently recognized for offering best-in-class explainer video productions for businesses of different sizes and industries.

6. 360 Digital Forth

As a relatively new but top-tier video animation agency, 360 Digital Forth has jumped to every opportunity to work with its clients regardless of their size. 360 Digital Forth is a well-established video animation company built around crafting innovative and enticing visual content and storylines.

There is not just one, but several of their visually compelling pieces are featured in their portfolio, which is freely available on their website or can be provided on request easily by one of their representatives.

360 Digital Forth has a viable presence in the animation industry. 360 Digital Forth is best known for successfully delivering detailed information in the most effective manner that is highly appealing to the audience.


Picking the right video company to associate with can be challenging! However, things get a bit easier if you are well aware of precisely what you are looking for when availing/ opting for animation services for your business.

Each of the six animation production companies mentioned in this list has a few things in common. They all are quality-oriented and have highly professional and skilled teams associated with them to deliver the best animated videos for your businesses. They indeed have the ability and passion to bring their clients’ visions and concepts to reality.

Regardless of whether you opt to go with either one of these top animation studios or even if you continue your quest, now you, for sure, have a robust framework to compare the quality and service level that you should be looking for.


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