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The Season to Start Bettering Myself: What I’m Doing Differently


Waking Up Earlier and Having Breakfast

To be frank, I have a terrible habit of waking up later than most people I know. Unfortunately, this comes at the price of skipping breakfast in favor of an early lunch.

A number of studies have shown that people are more productive when waking up at an earlier time. It will be tough to get up a few hours earlier than I’m used to, but I know that the extra time will help me tackle everything I want to accomplish. I’ll also have more energy—not to mention a far more positive outlook on the day—since I’ll have completed much more than usual!

Starting the day off with a healthy meal will also clear up brain fog and give me a bit of an emotional boost so that I can be at my best.

CoolTone Sessions to Stay Lean

I’ve always been passionate about exercise, but sometimes, I feel as though my gains don’t match the work, I’m putting in. Don’t get me wrong: I’m in better shape than most people, but I can still do away with my love handles.

Of course, not everyone who works out is able to sculpt their dream body, so one of the ways I plan to look my best is to try out CoolTone sessions. They’re quick, easy, and reliable!

Taking a Road Trip to The Keys

There are very few things I’m looking forward to more than taking a road trip down to the warm, beautiful Florida Keys. I’m taking a few of my closest friends, too, so that we can share some extraordinary moments together!

Honestly, though, this trip might have to wait for spring or summer, when I can confidently show off my body and swim in the ocean!

Searching For a Better Job

My current job isn’t terrible, but it’s not making me happy the way it used to. In fact, it has become repetitive and somewhat boring, and as someone who always needs a challenge, this is a tough pill to swallow.

So, I’m looking for a game-changer of a position. I’ll have to apply myself a bit more, but I’m willing to put in the work for a better present and future.

I spend a lot of time at work, so it’s integral that I enjoy what I’m doing. I’m thrilled to finally be making a change for the better—I might even earn my freedom and become my own boss!

Avoid Negative People and Attract Positive Ones

It can be easy to underestimate the impact of others, but the truth is that someone else’s attitude can decidedly influence our emotions, for better or worse.

I feel that I’m especially susceptible to others’ influence; I truly care about my friends and have a deep desire to help them. However, sometimes, I’ve noticed that their negativity rubs off on me, which is saddening because staying positive is an exceedingly important part of my life.

I’ve given my friends countless chances to improve their attitudes, but some of them remain Negative Nellies. Going forward, I need to surround myself with more mature people who look at life through a positive lens and help me thrive as much as they help themselves thrive!

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Start a Journal to Track Progress!

One of the best ways to track progress is through journaling. I plan to buy and keep one so that I can look back on my thoughts over the years and appreciate my development all the more!

Journaling is also a great way to organize your thoughts. Many people, for example, have “dream journals” in which they write what they remember from before they woke up. This can actually boost memory retention and help them lucid dream more easily.


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