The Impact of Assignments on Exam Grades

If students and guardians had a chance, they would do away with assignments. They are considered to take up time that would otherwise have been spent playing games or relaxing after tedious days in class. There are professional writers ready to help do my assignment whenever you feel overwhelmed or uncertain about the answers.


While the idea of homework might not be welcome, it has a positive impact on your academic performance. Students who pay attention to assignments issued in class will post positive results at the end of the semester. Here is a look at the impact of assignments on exam grades and why every student should take the tests seriously.

Improved performance

Assignments result in a better performance during exams. Students who take their assignments seriously have been noted to post better grades compared to those who ignore or do not give the homework the attention it deserves. The improved performance has been attributed to a number of factors.

  • More practice- homework is a chance for students to practice the ideas they learned in class. It is the same points and ideas that feature in exam papers. The students can, therefore, perform better, especially by working out the answers faster.
  • Familiarity with the content- more homework means an opportunity to encounter the same content that students will encounter in the exam. The questions in the exam paper are, therefore, not new. A student can comfortably tackle the questions without anxiety or pressure because they are already familiar.
  • Confidence to handle the questions- students will post better grades because they are confident about their ability to handle the questions. They have handled similar questions during assignments. Extensive homework also means a chance to encounter all types of questions an examiner can imagine. With confidence, the student will perform better.
  • Awareness of their weaknesses and strengths- the student has used homework to understand his strengths and weaknesses. The understanding helped him to polish on these areas and, therefore, prepare better for the exam.
  • Knowledge of other ways to solve exam questions- assignments send the student away from the course books and materials provided. The student has to look for resources online and on other platforms. He will encounter new ways to solve a math problem in an exam. As a result, he stands a better chance compared to other students who depend on what the teacher taught in class.

Assignments are a chance for the student to prepare better for tests and assessments. When a student takes the homework seriously, he will post better grades because he is prepared.

Creative solutions

Students who work on their homework diligently deliver more creative solutions during exams. It will result in more captivating essays and answers to the questions posed in the test. The teacher can notice a difference between a student who depended on classwork and one who went the extra mile during homework. The result is more creative solutions and a better grade.

Consider a class with 20 pupils where 19 repeat the answers given by the tutor in class. The one who has encountered more learning materials will offer a different solution. It is this solution that makes his paper stand out, resulting in a better grade.

Independent thinking

Assignments teach students to become independent thinkers, and earn better grades in the process. The students peruse through new materials on their own. They draw conclusions or identify new paths towards finding a solution. Such independence exercised during an exam will result in an impressive paper. In fact, the examiner will enjoy reading through the essay because of the critical thinking element. It makes the work of such a student impressive and worth the higher grades they get.

Faster completion speed

Speed is paramount in any test. A student who can work faster during an exam will deliver more insightful answers. He has more time to review the answers and correct any errors that could cost him some marks.

The speed comes from familiarity. The student has interacted with similar questions and knows several ways to solve them. With the advantage of time, such a student will earn better grades.

Ability to handle any question

Homework exposes a student to multiple questions and exam situations. As a result, he is confident to handle any question. It reduces the anxiety associated with exams, resulting in better performance.

Do your assignments to the best of your ability and improve your chances during exams. You can get help from the best assignment writing service online in case you are overwhelmed or have other chores to attend to. The assistance will allow you to prepare best for exams and meet your academic requirements.


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