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Does Every Additional Screen Require a Spectrum TV Box?

Additional Screen Require a Spectrum TV Box

Until recently, getting Spectrum cable was no big deal. You simply plugged the cable directly into your main TV and you were all set to start watching. However, ever since the provider moved towards digital cable TV, the dynamics have changed. The provider’s cable TV service now uses the same coaxial cable as your Spectrum internet service. Digital cable has empowered people with more HD options and better signal strength. However, it also requires you to connect a set-top box for every TV you choose to connect to your cable service. Call Spectrum for more detail

Why Do I Need a Spectrum Set-Top Box?

The provider’s set-top box or cable box acts as a decoder for the digital signals coming through the coaxial cable. It translates these signals into the audio and HD video you see on your TV screen. Unlike conventional cable connections, you can install as many cable boxes to as many screens as you want in your house. The provider offers one set-top box with your subscription, and you can order additional ones for an extra monthly fee.

But do you need the provider’s cable box with every TV in your home? The answer is no. You don’t have to invest in several boxes just to get cable service on all your screens. The next sections deal with several ways to get cable service without additional cable boxes.

Spectrum TV App

The Spectrum TV App is the provider’s solution for subscribers who want to watch live programming on devices other than their main TV. Using a Spectrum internet connection along with your cable subscription, you can access live TV programming and channels, as well as a definitive channel guide on the TV App. The app works on both iOS and Android devices, so if you have an AppleTV or an AndroidTV at home, you can install the app and watch programming on these TVs without needing a set-top box. If you don’t have an Apple TV or Android TV, you may need to use the popular Roku device. The next section discusses this in more detail.


Roku is an immensely popular streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port in your TV and allows you to stream content over your internet connection. Roku comes with several pre-installed apps, and the Spectrum TV App is often one of them. However, Roku also has its own app library, which contains a large number of streaming apps including the provider’s TV App.


Charter Spectrum is one of the largest players in the American internet and cable services industry. The provider offers services over a huge coverage area, available to over 100 million Americans across 44 states. The provider’s cable TV plans are among some of the most popular options in every market they are available. Most subscribers take advantage of the provider’s outstanding bundle deals. Double Play or Triple Play bundles allow you to combine TV, internet, and phone services into one convenient bill at a great price. Without any early termination limits, you can enter into a service agreement with the provider right away, and start getting quality cable entertainment pumped to the comfort of any screen in your home.

With up to 200+ unique channels and HD options, as well as access to the provider’s on-demand library, Spectrum TV is a great entertainment option for any household. With a channel diversity and depth better than many comparable providers, you know what you should go for when looking for a TV subscription. Especially when you don’t need a cable top box for every TV in your home.


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