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Come to think of it, we can’t particularly remember an age before the internet. It’s quite amazing how a single entity has completely revamped how our businesses, schools, and lifestyles work. Adding more to that, streaming videos and songs on YouTube has been something of a comfort zone for many individuals and even for some families.

YouTube has a spark of its own if you ask us. From spending quality family time to spending hours on end going through different playlists of your favorite writers and artists. The streaming service just never seems to disappoint.

Why Is Internet Speed Important?

Let’s look at these questions from a slightly different perspective. Does having a high-speed internet connection change the way we use the internet?

Well, of course. If you end up upgrading your internet connection, then quite rightly, you will surely be able to do more with the internet than before.

The concept is simple, the more internet speed that you get for yourself, the more bandwidth that you will have. Hence, you will be more than able to download more and more data to any of your devices than before.

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Moreover, if you have an internet plan that already offers a lot less bandwidth than what we are currently talking about, then very well your experience of streaming content on YouTube will not be the same as a guy who has more bandwidth to play with.

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How to Check Your Internet Speed?

The unit that is used to measure how fast or slow the internet connection is known as Megabits per second more commonly known as just Mbps. The exact meaning of the term Mbps is in fact, the total amount or magnitude of data that can be processed through an internet connection in one second.

You would need to keep an eye on your internet speed in terms of Mbps regularly if you are to keep the internet speeds right up there with the standards that you have paid for and expect the internet service provider to deliver. All you need to do is go on the Google search bar and type in the following “Internet speed test” and multiple speed check websites will appear. One of the most reliable such websites is Ookla and you can also download the mobile version/application of it from the Android or iOS Play Store.

What Is the Minimum Internet Speed Requirement for Streaming Videos Online?

The speed that you need to stream online videos is very rightly dependent upon the quality of the video that you want to watch or stream i.e. whether you would like to watch the online content in standard definition or high definition.

In the case where you are looking to stream your preferred online content in standard definition, which is 480p, then you would need an internet download speed of at least 3 Mbps. What you need to be prepared for is that many streaming service providers have varied demands for the content quality that they provide or display.

So you also need in-depth knowledge of what your streaming service provider requires and the speed that you will need to have if you decide to run different streaming services on the same device or other multiple devices. You would also need to account for the video quality.

What Internet Speed Is Required for Online Streaming on YouTube?

When it comes to multiple video qualities or online content that can be viewed in multiple qualities, YouTube seems to be right up there with the most convenient setup and easy-to-use interface.

As our trusted friend Google suggests, YouTube content that is available in standard definition can be viewed in just 500 Kbps. To view YouTube content in high definition (720p) you would need an internet download speed of 2.5 Mbps and if you are looking for 1080p, then you would need an internet connection that gives 4 Mbps. Anything above that mark would require an internet connection download speed of at least 15 Mbps

What More You Need to Know

Internet speed is the main focal point for whatever you want to do online. It is perhaps the most important aspect of the entire process of connectivity that needs to be working properly for a pleasant online experience.

However, in recent times, many internet service providers like Spectrum Internet have sensed a change in the market. Modern-day consumers are all about customer service. The question that you would be asking of us is why does customer service matter?

Well, what we have learned through analyzing the performance of Spectrum Customer Service is that it keeps customers happy. Whenever there is an internal or external issue with the speed or connectivity of the internet, customer service representatives have to make sure that the issue gets resolved as soon as possible and that is exactly the type of efficiency that the modern consumers are looking to hire.


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