Is It Safe to Contact Professional Paper Writing Services Online?


The Internet is like a wild jungle. There are many threats and dangers online. You surely have heard about Trojans, phishing, and malware. Hence, because of all these threats you probably are cautious when surfing the Internet. Most likely than not, you mistrust the different paper writing services that advertise themselves on the web.

First of all, you should know that not all the websites offering writing services are the same. Some can be scams or dangerous sites, true. However, professional paper writing services usually have high-quality websites. You can immediately recognize a legit paper writing service provider. Just take a look at their website. Legit websites have extensive information about the company and its services.

An important indication that a website is legit is the use of the “https” protocol. When the URL of a website starts with “https” instead of just “HTTP,” you know the website is secure. Most scammers and distributors of malware do not bother to use the “https” protocol. Moreover, legit paper writing service providers invest good money on their website. You can easily identify a quality website. The content is informative and the format is more elaborate than just plain text. See Also: 15 Free Handwriting Script Fonts

Also, a reliable and legit paper writing company provides all its contact information. Look for the “Contact Us” section on their website. If they do not provide a physical address and a phone number, you have good reasons to distrust them. A legit and reputable company will always offer a 24/7 phone number to contact them. You can call them to ask any questions about their services.

What Information Is Included on a Reliable Essay Writing Website?

Any reliable essay writing service provider like Custom Writings must give you detailed information about placing an order online. Also, they must disclose the criteria they use to hire their professional writing staff. And the company must offer some guarantees to protect your interests. If the company seems to be more interested in making money than offering good service, avoid it.

Let us take as an example the website of a legit and reliable professional paper writing service provider. CustomWrtings.com is a company in the paper writing service industry with a solid reputation. Their website is exactly as described above, informative and elaborate. After reading the content on their website, you immediately realize their services are not improvised.

On their website, they present clear and extensive information about all the services they provide. Look for the “ORDER NOW” button, and an order form appears after clicking. Something very important is that their prices are clearly and unambiguously displayed. Hence, there are no hidden fees that you will have to pay later.

Notice the section about their writing staff. They disclose all the relevant data on their writers’ credentials and performance. Moreover, they inform their customers how they hire their writing staff.

The process is as follows:

  • The aspiring writer must demonstrate a good command of the English language. For this sake, he or she must pass several tests;
  • The candidate must also show a good understanding of the academic writing requirements. For instance, he or she must be proficient in the different essay formats commonly used in academics;
  • Finally, the aspiring writer must demonstrate his or her ability to work fast and efficiently. He or she can demonstrate it with a test order, which has to be completed within a limited time frame. After all, the writer must be able to handle urgent orders sometimes. And under no circumstance, the quality of the paper should suffer.

Hence, by disclosing all this information the customer can know whether they can trust the company. It would be disastrous if you place an order for a written paper and the company fails to meet the deadline. It would be even worse if they deliver a poor-quality paper.

What Are the Guarantees a Professional Paper Writing Services Must Offer?

A reputable and trustworthy company offering paper writing services must provide at least:

  • A plagiarism-free guarantee. Any paper the company delivers must be 100% original. No plagiarized material should be included in a custom paper. The company must use specialized software to ensure the paper is unique;
  • A money-back guarantee. If the customer is not satisfied with the final version of the paper (after revisions), reimbursement should be possible;
  • A confidentiality and anonymity guarantee. The company must take all the necessary measures to keep all the customers’ data confidential. Nobody should ever know who is ordering custom papers.

These guarantees are aimed at protecting customers. Hence, in conclusion, it is safe to contact some of the services which provide students with professional writing. Make sure they meet the characteristics listed above.


In conclusion, when considering the safety of contacting professional paper writing services online, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and exercise caution. While there are many reputable and reliable providers out there, it is essential to distinguish the best custom writing services from fraudulent or low-quality options.

By utilizing trusted review platforms, assessing customer feedback, and examining their guarantees and policies, you can make an informed decision. So, take the time to explore and compare different services, ensuring they align with your requirements and ethical standards.

Remember, when it comes to your academic success, it’s always best to choose wisely and prioritize quality. Take the next step today and find the best custom writing service that meets your needs and guarantees exceptional results.


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