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5 Educative Websites to Become a Web Designer

Are you interested in learning how to become a web designer? This is a very enticing career path that interests many people today, especially because of the growing demand of talent, as well as the high web designer salary we so often hear about.

The field of web design is not only rewarding financially, but it is also very interesting to explore. Web design is the thing that most influences the conversion rates of a site, helps businesses get their brand recognized, and basically leads the world of technology and online searches.

Websites For Web Designing Course Online

Since you have decided to undertake this challenge, I’m glad to present you with 5 amazing sources that will help you learn web design in a short time.

1. Treehouse

Treehouse is a frequently updated, versatile website for aspiring web designers. It was founded back in 2011 by Ryan Carson as a platform that offers video training courses that teach web design and development. The site grew rapidly and now features over 300 courses that explore the fields of game development and mobile development, too. Recommended: 35 Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials For Beginners


The quality of the video instructions here is amazing, and the platform lets you study at your own pace. In addition to videos, you’ll also get access to interactive quizzes and tests that help you master the material faster. If you’re an organized person who really wants to learn web design, this site is an amazing resource. And, if you lack the time because of your college obligations, you can always use a trusted dissertation writing service to give you some time to spend on your web design training.

To use this app, you don’t need special website design software or hardware. You can even use their Workspaces feature to write code inside the app. Subscriptions begin at £20/month, but you can use the one-week trial to check out the offers first.

2. LinkedIn Learning

Some web design experts or students know this site as, but it has recently changed its name. This is one of the most widely used web design training sources. It was founded back in 1995 and has been growing ever since, offering courses in business, creative, and software skills. Since it was purchased and integrated into LinkedIn, it has become an even more powerful platform for those who want to boost their career prospects.


Now, when you use LinkedIn, you’ll get instant access to training content relevant to your skills and your preferences. And, if you complete a course and build a new skill, the system will help you highlight these on your profile. At this point, there are over 500 courses in web development and design on this platform.

3. Udemy

Udemy is a very popular website for online learning, and the courses it offers include many web design courses, too. On this website, you can pick a course and pay for it. There’s no option for a monthly or annual subscription, but the costs of courses are quite affordable.

This site might not be as popular as the previous two, but it offers some high-quality courses that you can definitely learn a lot from. The courses cover a wide range of topics in the field of web design, with the biggest numbers in WordPress, CSS, HTML, and Photoshop.

4. Udacity

Udacity is more oriented toward advanced web design professionals, so you might want to start with some beginner courses on other sites before you move onto this one. It offers cutting-edge training opportunities in the form of courses of university-style. The focus of Udacity is on vocational training for professionals who are more than just familiar with the field. If you’ve been studying web design for some while and want to boost your knowledge, this is an excellent source for further training.

5. Bloc

Bloc is an amazing platform for beginners. It was launched only seven years ago, but it has grown significantly since then. Today, it teaches web design beginners and turns them into professionals. The courses here combine video and text lessons.

What’s special about Bloc is that it pairs students with a mentor that provides guidance and support throughout each course via live Q&A sessions for 14 hours every day. Also, it has weekly discussions among groups, as well as daily group critiques.


Choosing the field of web design can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. This is a highly rewarding, high-in-demand career path that, if you take seriously, will take you to great places in your professional life.

Emma Rundle

Emma Rundle is an expert web designer. In addition to designing sites and selling them to companies and individuals, Emma also creates courses and e-books that help new and aspiring designers in understanding the field. According to Emma, being a web designer is an amazing way to enjoy your job by using your strongest tool – your creativity.
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