Bad Promotion Offers Like “Audionic” is killing Pakistan E-Commerce Market.


The future of every business is E-commerce and the growth of e-commerce market is increasing day by day due to its easy process of buy from the mobile device where you don’t have to put your credit or debit card detail every time.

Pakistan E-Commerce Market Trust Issue

The size of Pakistan e-commerce market is expanding with the unexpected figure and might cross $1 Billion. But on the other side, The trust issue of customers is also increasing because of worst of product quality like DARAZ.PK and bad promotion offer like Big brand name Audionic.

3 years ago I started an online store which was a failure because I could not give much time to it. And there was no such facility of delivery and cash payments as we have now. But I’ve learned a lot from that failure and I will soon launch a new site with the new name again.

My Experience With Audionic As an Online Buyer.

As an online buyer, I’ve faced many issues while purchasing a product online especially which its listed with an offer. Though is leading in exploiting customers by providing low-quality stuff and fake promotions of 50% discounts.

But this time I didn’t expect that the big brand name like Audionic which is leading the audio / sounds niche market in Pakistan will run such a bad promotion offer of 50% discount and make full of its customer.

The story starts when Audionic was running 50% off Azadi offer during august’s first 2 weeks for the independent day of Pakistan. Though it always said that they increase the product price than usual before starting any promotion discount offer. Still, I order REX 12 on 11th august 2018. I received confirmation call on 13th august that my order was received and I’ll have to pay extra charges for delivery “which was higher then any logistic service and not mention on order form”… I ignored that and was agreed to pay. Then the guy said that the product will be delivered soon. (How Soon Nobody knows :/ )

After waiting for 10 days I tried to contact them on call center # (021) 38771580. But they were not answering the calls and PABX system was auto disconnecting the phone calls. When I was contacting them via facebook page I noticed that there was No Review Tab On FB Page. Which was an alarming situation for me.

audionic no review page

Finally, after many messages, their social media support team replied and I was shocked to see that they were deliving product via expresseId. Which is not even known in Karachi – Pakistan. By rejecting many good logistic services like DHL, TCS, Leopord they chose Expressid. :O Instead, they could’ve choose Bykea or Careem rideing service which is actually much cheaper then their delivery charges.

audionic fb response

Ultimately I had a phone call from Express id courier service on 26th august 2018 which was a Sunday. (after almost 2 weeks of placing order) they said: “The rider is on the way and gave false excuses that due to independence day and Eid days they were not able to deliver”. I accepted that false excuse and said ok.

But the most strange thing happened to me, at last, is that Till to date (28th August 2018)means after two days of their phone call when they said the rider was on the way. I dint received the product. When contacted their courier service which a damn shitty and time-wasting guy received the called. He said according to them my order is delivered and they can’t inquire where the product was actually delivered. and now I’ve made up my mind that I won’t receive that product now and won’t go for such fake promotion offers like Audonic did to me And many others.

Conclusion: In short after waiting 18 days I din’t received the Order. If I had bought the product from any international site like Alliexpress or ebay I would’ve get the product in such time priods. The point of this article is not spreading the bad image of Pakistan ecommerce market. But its really sad to see that such big brands are spoiling my countries image.  Though I’ve had a good experience with and and I must say that these reliable online store websites are the reason that still some of the customers trust remain on online shopping. Do share your views in comments. Spread the words with love. 

Latest Update From Audionic.

Since I published this article Audionic’s seniour team Contact me via Phone and insisted me not to cancel the order. They also offered me a complimentary voucher.

But Here is a Twist. :)

The article was published in the morning 29th August. In the evening they called me and asked me to not to cancel the order as a favor. They made sure that the order will be delivered on priority basis :P.. after waiting three more days they were failed to deliver the order and guess what!!!

Their complimentary voucher of Rs:1000 was already expired :P 30-June-2018 validity :D 

audionic voucher


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