Raspberry Pi Zero – A Tinest $5 computer

Raspberry Pi Zero - A Tinest 5 computer

The old Raspberry Pi was priced at $25, but i was said that wasn’t really worth the effort of installing Linux OS, then they did their best to convince you by their newest effort, the Raspberry Pi Zero For just $5/£4 the Pi Zero comes packed with a 1GHz ARM11 Processor, 512MB of RAM, two micro USB sockets (data and power), a micro SD slot, and a mini HDMI socket that can output at 1080p60. I guess you are shocked with its price. I repeat – Its Five US dollars.

As if this wasn’t unbelievable enough, the Pi Zero is tiny at 65mm long, 30mm wide, and 5mm tall, it’s about half the size of a credit card. Find out more about Raspberry Pi Zero in the introductory video below.

The Pi Zero is currently out of stock but you’ll be able to buy one from here when they’re available.

$5/£4 – Raspberry Pi Zero

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