Inside Microsoft Headquarters – Vienna

Microsoft Headquarters

Microsoft’s new office space in Vienna. Microsoft Headquarters was completed by INNOCAD architektur. The stunning design combines a number of colorful, fresh, and eye-catching design elements to create what I’d call Microsoft’s most creative office space.

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While the design seems to be quite different to that of their Amsterdam HQ, the space does work within Microsoft’s Workplace Advantage program – which aims to create office environments unique to the tasks at hand for each location.

Microsoft Headquarters

Microsoft Headquarters microsoft-headquarter-12 microsoft-headquarter-8 microsoft-headquarter-13 microsoft-headquarter-6 microsoft-headquarter-9 microsoft-hq-4 microsoft-headquarter-15 microsoft-headquarter-114 microsoft-headquarter-11 microsoft-hq-1 microsoft-headquarter-10 microsoft-headquarter-4 microsoft-hq-5

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