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897 New Domain Name Extension Availability Coming Soon

897 New Domain Name Extension Availability Coming Soon

Since 2003 there have been just 22 TLDs and most are geographic, so for example you are limited to using if you want to google high rank you site in UK search result.

But now in 2013 ICANN (INternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has announced about releasing its New 897 TLDs (Top Level Domains).  Godaddy is also offering Pre-registration of New Top Level Domains with 3 Simple Steps.

897 New Domain Name Extension Availability Coming Soon

Its also spread in social market news that Google has been reported as applying for the “.google”, “.youtube”, “.docs”, and “.lol” extensions which ICANN is offering with its 897 TLDs

According to 1and1 Top 30 New Domains Are as Following.

.app .art .blog .buy .car .cars .church .club .design .eat .fashion .guide .help .home .hotel .inc .mail .mobile .music .news .nyc .online .realestate .restaurant .sale .school .shop .site .tech .web

Well What do you Suggest! Should a local business owner consider applying for a custom domain name extension?

Well, there are hefty fees attached, according to one post stating that the application fee is $185K, implementation requirements cost around $500K, and maintenance will cost around $150K per year. So it’s probably not a financially feasible investment for the average local business owner.

In addition, we won’t really know the impact of these domain name extensions until after their implemented in 2013. How will they be used by businesses? Will they impact search engine ranking and SEO? We simply don’t know, and it’s too soon to speculate.



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