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Are You Looking For Custom Gift Boxes With A Logo? Legacy Printing is What You Need!

Legacy Printing is your one-stop-shop for the best custom gift boxes with logo

Humans have been gifting items to one another way before the discovery of commerce. So it makes sense why gifts hold great value for both the one who is giving them and the one who is receiving them. Wouldn’t it be a little odd if you gave someone a well-thought gift in a run-of-the-mill box without any design or graphics? The short answer is yes; blank boxes are not appropriate to be used as gift boxes.

The reason for this is that gifts are meant to be given to celebrate friendship and love, and with a well-made custom gift box, you can increase the sale of your gift items. Think of it this way you have a great-looking lamp that customers like to give to their spouses. But if you wrap it up in a cardboard box with no printing or logos on it, it ruins the aesthetic and the appeal. So if you are looking for high-quality custom gift boxes for your business, you should consider Legacy Printing for well-designed and high-quality custom gift boxes.

This company has been in the packaging business for quite some time, and it has made a name for itself. So you won’t be disappointed when working with them for your next packaging batch. If you want to know if this company is worth your time and trust, then keep reading this review to find out more.

This company has some of the finest materials for custom gift boxes with Logo

When you are a company looking for the most refined quality packaging for your brand, custom gift boxes with logos are ideal for you. That is because you get a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the box’s material. This company offers the following materials for custom gift boxes or any other form of packaging:

Cover boxes: Cover is ideal for low-cost applications, and they are one of the most common types of gift boxes you can find. While they are low-cost, they are still sturdy enough to keep the gift safe within. However, there are always some limitations when it comes to this low-cost box, and one of the limitations is that it doesn’t give a premium feel. So if you are selling high-end gift items, you should probably look for more premium materials.

Kraft boxes: This box material is more premium, refined, and sturdier compared to cover boxes. Ideal for more expensive gift items such as watches, jewelry, perfumes, and other similar items. This box type is a bit pricey compared to cover boxes, but it offers higher protection and a better feel to the person receiving the gift.

Rigid gift boxes: These boxes take the thickness, and the premium feels a step above kraft boxes. Not only are these boxes thicker, but they come with an even more premium feel. These gift boxes are best for luxury goods such as luxury watches, precious metal jewelry, and other luxury gift items. Rigid boxes come with plenty of design options, and you can also add additional accessories to them to make them even more presentable as a gift box.

Corrugated boxes: If you are looking for packaging for your easily recyclable gift items, then corrugated boxes are it. Legacy Printing offers eco-friendly custom gift boxes with logo in the form of bio-degradable corrugated packaging, so you don’t have to worry about your gift being looked down upon by someone environmentally conscious due to non-eco-friendly packaging.

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This company offers gift boxes that can be customized for every occasion

As mentioned above, gifts are mostly given on special occasions apart from regular day-to-day gifts. Some common events where people gift a lot are Valentine’s Day, Christmas, weddings, friendship day, and other similar occasions. Long gone are the days when people took a ribbon, slapped it on the gift box, and called it a day. Nowadays, people are looking for specialized packaging for each occasion. That is where this company comes in with its wide range of gift boxes for every occasion. They offer lamination and designs that you can choose from to make the packaging go with every occasion. On top of that, if you need to get packaging made for any special occasion, this company can design and deliver custom packaging to your doorstep.

This company has no delivery charges for packaging delivery

Another reason why we recommend this company over the competition is that it has a no delivery charges policy. Whether you need to deliver the packaging to the same city as them or anywhere in the continental US, you have to pay for the packaging, and the company handles the delivery. That is an opportunity to reduce your overhead packaging costs and get more by paying less. The best part is whether you need jumbo boxes delivered or something as small and simple as a  panel cd jacket, this company delivers packaging of all sizes free of cost. No matter how big your order is, you don’t have to worry about freight charges which is a sigh of relief for gift stores and other companies in the USA when they partner with Legacy Printing.

Unbeatable prices for all kinds of gift boxes

Let’s face it; no one likes to pay extra, especially when it comes to packaging. Packaging costs can be a significant factor in determining the cost of your product. If you have perfected your pricing and your customers are happy, why would you want to spend extra on the packaging and cause your prices to go up? The short answer is you would like to get the best quality packaging at the lowest cost, and this company hits the bullseye when it comes to providing a sweet balance between quality and pricing.

This company offers packaging at various prices ranging from low-cost materials to high-quality materials and accessories. However, when compared to other packaging providers, the prices of this company in each price bracket are comparatively low. On top of that, the free delivery option available at Legacy Printing further reduces the packaging cost, so you never have to worry about going over your packaging budget when working with this company.

They have the smoothest order placement and design procedure

Whether you already have the design and graphics of your box planned out, or you need to get them designed before getting them made. This company offers the smoothest method for designing, testing, and bulk printing your desired packaging. The company has a dedicated team that gives customers the support they need, from the design phase all the way to the delivery of their packaging.


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