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How To Set Up A Lively Home Office Space


Whether it is for working from home or to put in those extra hours to build your dream, a home office space is becoming a necessity. Your home office should be the place that inspires the flow of creativity and allows you to be productive. In reality, home offices can often be the most neglected spaces in our homes, driving us to work anywhere else but the actual office space, like the kitchen, the couch, or the bed. Hence, creating a space and environment that increases our productivity and will make us get down to work is very important.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to set up your own lively and welcoming home office space.

  1. Optimize the space: Productivity does not reside in messy spaces. Before starting, make sure you clear up space and decide on what you want to keep and what to do with the items. Create areas and corners for everything so it is easier to find them when needed. Decluttering, clearing up space, and organizing it can ease the tension visually and de-clutter the mind by creating a calming, organized environment.
  2. Color pop: Painting your workspace can help in shifting the energy in the room. Studies suggest that color can have a large impact on the creativity and well-being at work. A green environment is believed to boost creativity, yellow promotes a livelier and more social environment, and blue surroundings help during brainstorming and generation of new ideas. Use quality paints like Asian paints royale to do a good job and give your workspace the energy it requires. You can also use providers of home painting services. Aapka Painter is your go-to service provider and the easiest way to get the job done. By bringing in technology, automation, and service guarantee for effectiveness and managing the entire process online for comfortable and smooth functioning, Aapka Painter has transformed the way homes get painted.
  3. Light it up: Exposure to natural light increases the release of serotonin which is associated with increased happiness and overall well-being. It makes space feel bigger and keeps you connected to the great outdoors. Make sure to let the natural light come in or if that is not an option, use light fixtures with adjustable filters to do the trick.
  4. Add the greens: Plants add beauty and breathe some life to your workspace. A lovely plant will keep you calm while cleaning the air around you. Some plants like money plant, lucky bamboo, and snake plant are even known to bring in good luck in your career.
  5. Add the aroma: A great aroma can bring freshness to the room. Studies suggest that pleasant odors improve your memory performance. Scents like mint, cinnamon, lemon, orange, and rosemary are known to help boost productivity. You can introduce these scents in your workspace by placing oil burners, candles, and diffusers.

Other ways to amp-up your workspace is by creating a comfortable vibe in the space using art pieces, rugs, throw pillows, and bean bags. You can also take it a notch up by styling a gallery wall against a neutral wall using prints and artworks.

Taking these small little steps to create a dedicated workspace is going to make working an enjoyable experience to look forward to every day and add to your overall growth.



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