Photographer Shoots Indian Wedding Using Iphone 6s Plus


Photographer Shoots indian wedding using iphone 6s Plus

If you are taking photos in your wedding with an smart phone, you are either of quite basic tastes or have an artistic idea about photography. Sephi Bergerson managed to convince an Indian Rajasthani couple of his vision. And so it came to pass that Sephi Bergerson used his iPhone 6s Plus to record the 3-day Indian wedding fest of Ayushi and Abhishek in Udaipur in Rajasthan.

This is best wedding photography idea he shared. More info about Sephi photography is available at his Website

Best Indian Wedding Photography Idea

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“What I like about the iPhone is it helps me get much closer to the subject and have eye contact,” says Bergerson. “With DSLR, the camera comes between me and the subject. The iPhone won’t replace the DLSR but it offers a completely new medium of photography.” Bergerson has been photographing Indian weddings for 7 years and the results of his work will be released as the book “Behind The Indian Veil: A Journey Through Weddings in India.”

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