Crazy Photoshop Photography by Martin De Pasquale



We all know that Photoshop is a very powerful tool that can help artists achieve some amazing results of Crazy Photography. Martin  De Pasquale is an art director from Argentina and has got a massive following on Social Media due to his very weird but amazing photoshop work, many of which are of himself.

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Crazy Photography

Crazy-Photoshop-1 Crazy-Photoshop-2 Crazy-Photoshop-3 Crazy-Photoshop-4 Crazy-Photoshop-5 Crazy-Photoshop-6 Crazy-Photoshop-7 Crazy-Photoshop-8 Crazy-Photoshop-9 Crazy-Photoshop-10 Crazy-Photoshop-11 Crazy-Photoshop-12 Crazy-Photoshop-13 Crazy-Photoshop-14 Crazy-Photoshop-15 Crazy-Photoshop-16 Crazy-Photoshop-17 Crazy-Photoshop-18 Crazy-Photoshop-19

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